Testimonial about Carmela

Four years ago, we were devastated after the death of our 13 year old American Staffordshire, Millie. After missing her for a few months, we started to look around for a new dog. We researched a lot of breeds, met plenty of breeders and dogs, but we couldn't find the right fit for us. We wanted a strong, smart, happy dog like our departed Millie, but without the dog-aggression issues that she had. That is when we learned about her English cousin, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

One visit to Faith Steinman's kennel and we were sold. All of the dogs we met there were full of the love and joy that we knew in the American Staffy, but in a more compact size, and a kinder and more gentle nature. After our visit Faith introduced us to Carmela, an eight month old red Staffy who, in a matter of a few days of living with us, stole our hearts.

Carmela is a kind, fun-loving, and loyal dog. She goes to work everyday and is our best customer service representative. It seems that not a day goes by without someone asking what kind of dog she is and complimenting us on her temper and enthusiasm for love and attention.

Lisa and James, San Diego, CA

Testimonial about Ele & Mac

We have the pleasure of having 2 Steinstaff staffies. Each one is so different. Ele is a beauty. We are constantly stopped on the street and asked about her. Mac the younger of the two is such a caring dog. When you look in his eyes there is just so much there. Mac's favorite thing is to play catch. At dog parks he will go to every person so they get a chance to throw the ball for him. Our Staffies share our home with a dachshund, cats, rabbits and even a guinea pig. They make all around great pets.

Barbara and Gil, Highland, IN

Testimonial about Spike & Buddy

We got our first Staffy from Faith in 2000. He was a beautiful brindle boy. I never had an interest in showing, I just wanted a pet! We had so many wonderful years with our Spike. When he passed we knew we wanted another Staffy and now we have Buddy. Buddy is a character with a lot of personality. He is always up to something. We are showing him because he is such a great dog. Buddy has even achieved "Canine Good Citizen" certification.

Katherine, Milwaukee, WI

Testimonial about Pearl

My life changed after I got Pearl. Pearl was a champion in her day and even in her older years she was a champion to me. Pearl was perfect for me because she was an older dog when I got her. No accidents or chewing with her, she was trained. She came into my life and gave me unconditional love. She always kept an eye on things and let me know if there was someone at the door. She was a real couch potato so we got along great! Wonderful temperament, wonderful dog.