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PUPPIES!!! Available now! Call Faith for details: (219) 874-8371

Welcome to our site about Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I have been interested in this breed since 1980 when I got my first Staffy Dancer. I have been breeding champions since the early 80's. This is a wonderful breed and I hope you will spend some time on our site learning about them and enjoying the pictures.

Please take a look at the many profiles and photos of our Staffies on this site. Though many of our dogs are serious contenders within the show dog circles, the vast majority of our Staffies go to families that just want a beautiful, smart dog. These dogs are very athletic and prefer owners who will take them out for lots of exercise.

We typically have puppies and dogs available for sale throughout the year. Please call for pricing. To see some of our latest little ones, visit our Staffie Puppies page.

Send us an email if you have any questions.

If you are looking for prime example, champion Staffies, spend some time browsing our site.

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PUPPIES!!! Available now! Call Faith for details: (219) 874-8371

November 2016 Featured Staffies of the Month -

Saaz & Oscar

"Saaz and Oscar are a delight. They are real members of the family; they are in tune with what's happening and are ready to either ham it up or cuddle, depending on what mood we're in."

"Faith taught our puppy training classes and told us that we'd get as much out of the Staffies as we put into them. She knows her dogs; and S + O have been the greatest furry family members I could have hoped for."

"There are few problems that seem as bleak after I take these guys for a walk. Whenever I'm down, I'll leash them up and we'll go out. People on the street just smile at us and tell me what great dogs I have and I simply start to feel better with all the positive vibes. When I get home and they both pile in my lap, it's hard to feel bad."

Renee L.

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